Blooms and roomsAs someone who is very passionate about flowers, creativity and nature my knowledge and experience has grown into the therapeutic application of pure essential oils. My long observation of how the living energy of flowers can serve in the process of our opening, growth and heart-focus (instead of head-focus) is worthy and useful. It has become a great tool for personal change and exploration. Join me as we unfold with blossoms of wisdom.  We will explore many essential oils, their origin and the capacity to reduce emotional stress and create inner balance.

In my years of work with flowers I see that when the human spirit is motivated through the heart, thinking and feeling become expanded, allowing for an amazing experience. It is our sense of smell that transports us back in time and space.  Throughout time, flowers, plants and herbs have been viewed as symbols of life, love, fertility and abundance.

Flowers have always honored the language of love and beauty, carrying their passionate message to the soul with a stunning array of color and an aroma of fragrance. Aromatic beauty. The life force of essential oils facilitates change in the physical body and brain, however it is the spirit of plants that touches our soul. Essential Oils have the capacity to open our hearts like a blossoming flower.

May your heart’s garden of awakening bloom with a hundred flowers.”  Thich Nhat Hanh

For an exquisite experience or heartfelt gift of wellness, consider an essential oil kit as a manner of self-care, special thank you, seasonal gift or a gesture of love to a friend.

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