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Owner, Joyce Konstantinow – Wellness Advocate & Educator for Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Essential Oils really are a gift from the earth. They have the potential to completely change your life, they have for me in so many ways. I absolutely love them and I’m thrilled to share my knowledge & experiences with you.  If you’re a newbie to Essential Oils or already own Essential Oils or possibly looking for additional income, then I am here to assist you. Essential Oils are AMAZING!!!

I have gathered a ton of information to help you incorporate Essential Oils into your daily life, the way you want to: whether that be continue education, cooking classes, pain management, seasonal threats or starting an EO business. Explore & discover your true potential!

Classes, one-on-one private consultations & at home parties are offered weekly & monthly starting August 9th. Check out my calendar of events for details. Take a plant-base approach to enhance flavors & health benefits.

Click here to view my doTerra Wellness Advocate website to learn more about essential oils!

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Specializing in Well Being, Beauty, & Purpose for your home & life.