Owner, Joyce Konstantinow
Essential Oils have the potential to completely change your life and the environment in which you live and/or work within.  I absolutely LOVE them! I am thrilled to share my knowledge & experience with you.  As a degreed Interior Designer I spent many years in creating Sacred Spaces that were aesthetically pleasing, but also functional with intention. Stimulating all your senses. Aromatically enhance your surroundings and create a harmonious and healthy home, by diffusing essential oils. Being mindful by using the highest purest therapeutic grade you can change your environment and living space daily to meet your physical or emotional desires.  I am here to assist you in finding the perfect blend to meet your need whether it be at your home or in the workplace.

I have spent years in gathering information that will empower you to take control of your health, invigorate your emotional well-being and enhance your spacial dimensions by incorporating Essential Oils into your daily life, the way you want to!  Whether it be through improved sleep, pain management, hormone balance, a toxic-free home, seasoning with oils, gardening, seasonal defense or starting an essential oil partnership. Let’s explore & discover your true potential!

If you are a newbie to Essential Oils; essential oils are aromatic, plant-base, potent, safe, and natural to enhance your life, flavor your meals & enjoy rewarding benefits for all.  Or do you already own Essential Oils or are possibly looking for additional income, then I am here to assist and guide you. Essential Oils are AMAZING!!!

I am passionate about being of service in transforming your health and the health of your family; physically, emotionally, & spiritually!!!

I offer One-on-One Personal Consultations, ongoing Continued Oil Education, Monthly Classes, Webinars, DIY workshops, Make & Take Parties & At Home Parties on topics of your choice. Receive a special hostess gift FREE for hosting a party in your home. The topics I am most passionate about and specialize in are: Basic 101 Essential Oils, Emotions/Mood Management, Senior/Elderly Care, Gardening with Oils, Seaoning with Essential Oils, Creating Sacred Spaces, Non-Toxic Safer Cleaner Home, Aromatouch Technique Massage & Aromatic Blessings for your Life and Home. Which topics resonate with you?
Let’s chat!

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You will receive a lasting relationship with continued essential oil education, community, support, and expertise.