Friendship Garden of Joy

The Friendship Garden are outdoor rooms on our Family’s Farm that I retreat to for tranquility, grounding and being. My entire life from as far back as I remember about age 3, I loved being in the garden, for work and play. I especially loved all the flowers. I would gather those beautiful yellow blooms that popped up all over the yard and proudly present them to my mother as a surprise. Not realizing they were a weed!  Mom accepted them with great pride & joy and filled a vase with water to display my fresh picked bundle. What can I say, “Blooms” are part of my DNA!

I believe the garden is a great educator in teaching valuable life lessons. Tilling the soil, planting seeds, nurturing, cultivating, weeding, tending, harvesting are all symbolic phases in life’s journey. Each is a “season of life”.
Life began in a garden as in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. Flowers are one of God’s abundant gifts given to us to enjoy.

Reveal the Mysteries of Nature, Job 12:7-8

For a few years I steered from my calling of being a Steward of the Land while I pursued building my retail silk floral and interior design business.  It was what I knew, my comfort zone. However my heart kept calling me home, to the Family Farm, to the garden. After 9 months sabbatical from retail business I have been given the opportunity to serve God’s Bigger Plan.  To live my life’s calling of a Higher Purpose. My new service is to educate and cultivate relationships while building a Flower Farm Ministry, leaving a family legacy for generations.  I claim & embrace my dreams with God as my partner of this huge venture and vision.  Let the journey begin!

Moving forward I renamed the friendship garden as Garden of Joy, laying foundation for my vision of a Flower Farm Ministry.  For it is my great joy and passion to work the soil & create a Sacred Community of this land. Emerging into being a Seed Sower; of faith, hope & love. It is my desire to nurture relationships and teach from life experiences of farming, gardening & the lessons to be learned from nature.  Together we can grow in abundance and prosperity. There is much work to be done!!! The gardens are scheduled to open by invitation only to guests with classes, gardening workshops, private parties & creative venues.
To plant a garden is to have Faith.

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